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boop! boop! boop!

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Feb. 15th, 2008 | 10:10 pm
location: wonderwall, oasis
mood: tiredtired

Things purchased today:
-blueberry scone
-egg sandwich
-pretty black shirt with blue swirls on it
-BROWN PANTS MOTHERFUCKERS!! (here's the thing about the brown pants: I decided a few days ago that I needed brown pants in order to be happy. And there they were.)
-super-cute square-toed red Born shoes
-Derricious Olive Garden food

Things that are good:
-my life
-my pool game
-delicious food
-new clothes
-coffee and scones

Things that are bad:
-my life
-my sleep schedule
-class and life interfering with each other
-life interfering with life

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